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  1. Get to know our history:

    We started our company in 1990 and since then, we have enjoyed a wealth of experience in marketing and selling fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated domestically and abroad.

    From the very name of our company, we can boast of the quality of our products (‘sa’ ‘i’ ‘bo’ - sanos y buenos’ (healthy and good), and we have made this concept central to our philosophy.

    From our very first day of trading, we have maintained steady growth in our business with a zeal for renewing and modernising our infrastructure, thereby supplying our customers with fresh high quality fruits and vegetables all year round.

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  2. Take a stroll around our facilities:

    We have our facilities at the Mercado Costa Valencia, S.A. ‘Mercovasa’, in Units 66, 67 and 83 which are duly air-conditioned with chilled storerooms. From January 2006, we have had a 2500 m2 cold store, next to Mercovasa, with a storage capacity for 800 palettes, which allows us to keep the produce at controlled temperatures for each variety, so that we can offer the best quality in the best conditions, along with good service, thereby gaining the trust and loyalty of our customers, and giving added value to the company.
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  3. Asparagus:

    In the mid-1990s, we started importing asparagus from Peru for a trading period from November to January.

    Later, because of the demand for the product and the volumes we achieved, we decided to extend importation to cover all months of the year under our brand name ‘SAIBO’.

    Variety: Green Asparagus.
    Availability: All year round.
    Place of Origin: Peru.

    Peaches, nectarines and paraguayo fruit:

    In order to offer better quality and because of our close relationship with the farmers of the Zaidín area, from 1992 we have been following the product from the field to our warehouse in the town, the facilities of which we have twice extended to accommodate the ever-increasing volume we are managing, with the appropriate infrastructure for selecting, packaging and marketing the product.

    Variety: Yellow, red peaches, nectarines and paraguayo fruit.
    Availability: From June to September.
    Place of Origin: Spain.

  4. If you are interested in our products or want more information, contact us by filling out this form:


    Miñana Sangermán S.A.

    Mercovasa, p 67. 46540 El Puig, Valencia.
    Tel 961 472 313 / Fax 961 472 207

    Saibo Zaidín S.A.

    Ctra. Fraga Monzón, km 12. 22530 Zaidín, Huesca.
    Tel 961 472 313 / Fax 961 472 207

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